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Nice review for “Dust Up Baby” in Blues Revue

25 Oct

Check out the nice review of Dust Up Baby in the Sept/October issue of Blues Revue:

Jason Fickel puts a fresh spin on traditional motifs, building a breakup song on the request to “Get Your Car Off My Lawn.” Often, though, his sound is more Beatles than blues. Demonstrating Fickel’s scope are the two instrumentals: a twelve-bar blues, “J’s Jam” and “Karma Chameleon,” the Culture Club tune. Closer to the roots, “One Thousand And One” has a languid, jazzy four-to-the-bar feel, and the shuffle “My Girlfriend Is Gonna Sing (A Couple Songs Tonight)” humorously addresses every local band’s nightmare (“We’re gonna do one that she wrote/And then a Mariah, note for note…She might join the band and sing a couple songs every night”). The arrangements leave a lot of space, even with a trombone and harmonica in the band, giving Dust Up Baby a fresh, open sound.”


Jason and Ginger on TV: WTIU’s The Weekly Special

21 Oct

Ginger Curry and I taped a segment for WTIU’s The Weekly Special.  We performed “All Your Bad Habits” & “Jokerville”.  It was super cool to be in the studio and we had a great time working with the crew and co-hosts, Joe Hren and Pam Thrash.

The show will be on tonight, Thursday, October 21, at 8pm in Bloomington, IN  on WFIU and it’s repeated on Friday at 6pm.  As soon as the segment appears on the website, we’ll link to it!

Great weekend at Rainstone!

21 Oct

I had a great time at Rainstone this past weekend.  Ginger Curry and I recorded some songs with Roy Boyer and Kyle Hopkins and followed that up with a photo shoot.  (Stay tuned for photos) Then the next day, after a bike crash (minor injuries) I had a fun time helping Cathy Gutjahr on her cool new project.

New video: “Some Kind of Love” on YouTube

14 Oct

This video was recorded at our Bryan Park show here in Bloomington, IN on a hot August night.  We had a great time at that show!  Special thanks to our sponsor, Bloomingfoods and to Bloomington Parks and Recreation for hosting us. The video was produced by Rainstone Studios.    Here’s a link on YouTube:

stay tuned: videos uploaded soon

11 Oct

New videos from August’s Bryan Park show coming soon!

7 Oct

“Jason and Ginger” EP release show!!

1 Oct

Thanks to all of you for coming out to Rachael’s Cafe last night for the “Jason and Ginger” EP release show! We had such a great time and it was fabulous to have you all there! Here are some photos from the show. Special thanks to the lovely and talented, Sonia BV for being the fab phone photo taker!