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Blues Challenge time set for Wednesday!!

2 Feb

Lil Anthony’s is a soul-food, breakfast-all-day kind of place and that’s where we’ll be closing out the first evening of music tonight at 11pm at the dark end of the Beale street!


We’ve arrived in Memphis!

2 Feb

An ice storm of epic proportions can’t keep us away from the home of the Blues.  Check back here for our performance time on Wednesday.

Fun interview with Johnny Full-Time!

31 Jan

Ginger and I had a fun time talking last week with blues radio host Johnny Full-Time about our trip to Memphis.  You can here the whole thing here:  .  Johnny graciously includes several JF tunes plus a song by my teacher and friend, Otha Turner!  Check it out!

New Jason & Ginger CD

25 Jan

The new Jason & Ginger CD, Jokerville has arrived at the Lost Canyon Records distribution site!  Stay tuned for details!

“Get Your Car Off My Lawn” appears on Car Talk

21 Jan

“Get Your Car Off My Lawn” from my CD “Dust Up Baby” was featured this past weekend on NPR’s Car Talk!! If you missed it, you can hear it online!  Go to: The tune comes up at about 5:25 minutes into this segment, towards the end. Thanks, Tom and Ray!

If you don’t already own the song or the album, you can click and clack and download it from cdbaby at

Rehearsal time

18 Nov

A quick snapshot of Roy Boyer and I playing “One Thousand and One” in rehearsal for our gig at Cafe Django!  Photo by Ms. Ginger Curry!

Great session at Rainstone

15 Nov

Ginger Curry and I had a great session at Rainstone last night, laying doing guitar tracks.  Work has commenced on a new album!!